Just a short 26 hours of flying away……….A South African Trip with the Crue

Africa BTS Blog_11

At this point we have abondoned the idea of tracking our miles travelled this year.  A novel idea at first but just too much work 🙂  Last week we caught a whole bunch of flights and hauled hundreds of pounds of gear to the other side of the world.  With both Dustin and I both having travelled to South Africa before we thought we knew what to expect.  What we forgot was we were travelling with the Kjos Outdoors crue and there is no chance of predicting what is gonna happen.  Let’s just say that at one point I literally thought I was going to break a rib laughing.  We worked long days and on two occasions decided to just live through the night as well.  Only one chance to party South African style, well this year anyways 🙂  We are thankful for the people we have met and dig the oppurtunity to push ourselves to tell better stories through imagery.  Next week we split, Dustin going North to Minnesota and me going South to Papua New Guinea.  Cheers!



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