My favorite image of my brother…..and some words too

I wanted to share an image that is possibly my favorite image of my brother to date.  I also wanted to share the thoughts that ran through my head while retouching it today.  The image is Nick in a place that is now and always will be one of the happiest places in his world.  Sitting next to a tremendous whitetail surrounded by his family and friends.  Photographing people in an environment that is that important to them is a privilege I do not take for granted.  Everyone has their thing and Nicks is bowhunting.  Been that way for 17 years.  I have seen many interests come and go in his life but bowhunting has never faltered.  He works hard, not only for himself but for his friends.  I would say he has put more people on big bucks than anyone I know and all for not so much as a dollar bill.  In a world full of guide services and big money for big deer Nick is rare.  I too have benefited from his hard work.  I am thankful for the brothers I have been granted, always will be.



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