A truly great Director can control the weather……Kansas Wildlifer Shoot

The title obviously is a joke but has some truth to it also.  When we went down to Wichita to work with Burly Studios for the first time we went with some nerves.  At the time we were not very accustomed to working with professionals at this level.  I didn’t know what to expect not only from the shoot but from the personalities we would encounter.  The shoot revolved around kids letting their energy loose on a mudpit.  Chaos in itself!  Our nerves quickly washed away when the director Chad McClure looked at us and simply said “Do your thing”  To us those three words are among our favorite.  What they mean is that the person saying them trusts you and your ability to do what it is you claim you can do.  The shoot was rocking along and then it happened.  It started raining giant raindrops while the sun was fully out.  Everyone was shaking their heads in disbelief while at the same time rolling 240 fps footage of the event.  So while Chad may not have summoned “The Perfect Storm” he does control the weather in a different way.  He controls the morale of his set by letting his crew use their creative talents to push the imagery to where it needs to be.  This affects everything in a positive way and takes his work to a new level.  The combined talents of Justin Cary, Evan Senn, and Chad McClure are beyond strong and we always jump at the chance to work with them.  Check out the rest of their work at http://www.burlystudios.com and enjoy the spot below.


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