EXPANDING HIS FAMILY ONE CLASS AT A TIME…….Shane Cordell and his legacy

It seems everyone will have a legacy.  Most of ours will be only known to ourselves and those immediately around.  Others like Shane Cordells are a public legacy known to many.  This portrait is a tribute to that legacy and was created for all of those he coached and mentored during their high school days.  I too was part of that legacy for four years on the football field.  Mr. Cordells success to me was visible and very simple to wrap my head around.  It was about work.  Countless hours of work pointed directly at winning.  It truly left a mark on me I know.  Work hard enough and you will always find yourself at the goal you set.  Shane devoted so much time to his players it is only fair that they be considered part of his extended  family.  So every year he would expand his family with a new crop of freshman eager to play for the man they watched since childhood standing on the sidelines.  I am calling this image “HOME” .  It only seems fitting.  A great man with a great big family 🙂




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