It’s all in here……..the indirect message I took with me

The time has come to share one of my favorite portraits I have done and pay homage to someone that has already and will affect many of my decisions till the end.  Doug Ellwood taught for 40 years.  That number is a big number but one that I still can’t really wrap my head around.  Kinda hard it’s twelve years longer than I have been around.  I would venture to say that in that forty years you can’t find a single student that didn’t leave with a positive outlook toward the man.  I have always thought and still do even while writing this that you will never make everyone happy.  He is the contradiction to my steadfast belief.  Maybe that’s why he has such a powerful affect.  Contrast.  He is contrast to normal behavior.  Infectiously happy and interested in every story.  He is a student of everything while playing the teachers role.  LOVE IT!  If I had it my way everyone I know would get the chance to meet him.  Not possible so you will have to see him in a still frame of his life.  The thing he left me with was there is the whole world right in front of us all the time.  It lives in the literature that we so easily overlook.  You will find knowledge, adventure, and even tragedy from a safe place inside the pages of any book.  I’m truly grateful for him allowing me to photograph him.  I will never forget it.



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