A story in one image….A great man, a camera, and an idea

Tonight marks a milestone for me in my photography journey.  You always hear photographers talk about shooting people that have had a profound affect on their lives.  Well here I am doing exactly that.  Tonight I shot a very inspiring man.  Doug Ellwood taught high school for almost four decades.  For years he showed students the path to a better life.  He taught with genuine love for the topic and seemed to delight in the little things that make everyones stories unique.  I think his obvious love for education gained him instant respect from his students.  If I took away one thing from him it is that knowledge will do many things for you.  It will open doors, inspire new ideas, and close the distance between dreams and reality.  I have not seen or talked to him for years since I graduated and just being around him tonight helped me remember everything about sitting in his class.  His image will be a composite that will be displayed next weekend at the showing.  My hope is to tell his story in one single image.  High expectations I know but possible nonetheless.  For now I thought I would share a candid image I took of him in the yard on our way out.  I want to thank him for humoring me and allowing me to photograph him.




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