The benefit of being surrounded by other nerds………Grip and Electric training at RED Studios Hollywood

Last week I had the pleasure of spending four days immersing myself in the job of a gaffer.  The class was titled grip and electric but it transformed into a much broader topic for me.  It was instructed by an incredibly inspiring person.  Marcus Mcdougald is a man of many talents.  He spent years of his story learning everything there is to know about lighting and grip and then took that knowledge and became a cinematographer.  His ability to relate the material to multiple disciplines was incredibly useful for me as we light and shoot all of our own projects.  In the big time a DP has the luxury of asking for a scene to be lit and when he turns around it is done.  That will never be the case for us so knowing how every clamp, stand, light, and piece of diffusion works and is applied is paramount for our small company.  I learned from Marcus in four days what I have been trying to learn for two years on my own.  While a ton of information can be gleaned from the internet there are a few principles that just don’t sink in until you get your hands on the gear and apply it to a scene.  So to all my fellow nerds seeking knowledge take classes, watch movies, and walk around the world with a critical eye as to how light works.  I promise it is an amazing aspect of this world.  Marcus’s work can be found at



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