Today We Grow, Today We Share

Today we Grow

The past year has brought many things into my life.  New responsibilities, new challenges, and most importantly  new people.   New people to share in our filmmaking journey and help push our films into something more.  Films that reach inside people and stir emotions.  The process of creating work that meets our standards is a long journey and doing it alone does not offer the benefits of different eyes and minds that could possibly tell the story differently.  We feel that we have found a perfect collaboration in Dustin Lutt.  Most likely if you know and follow our work you also follow Dustins.  With a natural eye for gorgeous imagery and a work ethic that I admire Dustin is a perfect addition to the RockHouse Motion family.  When I say family it feels much more than just the business family.  I feel like I have three brothers now.  Dustin will be a principal partner at the company and I am very excited to learn from him and merge our creativity.

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Today We Share

With the arrival of Dustin we thought it is the perfect time to share our cinematography Reel for what we have shot since receiving our EPIC in February.  The footage comes from all over the world and has hundreds of hours invested in gathering it between Dustin and I.  I highly recommend downloading the 4K version off the vimeo site if you have a large monitor.  Its worth the download time to see it at 4K vs. a very compressed 1080P version on vimeo.


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