Working with Burly Studios

Last week we had the pleasure of collaborating with some truly great people in Wichita.  Burly Studios contacted us about working with them on a project for The Kansas Wildlifer Challenge.  It is a great concept for kids to get out there and explore and experience the outdoors.  You can check it out at  The shoot was something that felt right up our alley.  Shooting children at high frame rates just being themselves.  The first evening was playing in the mud and the second was chasing down a frog.  The first evening we were blessed with a lighting scenario that nature does not very often provide.  A rain storm with the evening sun not hidden by the clouds.  To say the imagery is awesome is a gross understatement.  Rain falling at 240fps is cool but when you combine it with bright sunshine and children playing in the mud like only children can it became footage that will stand amongst the strongest of our lives I’m sure.  Getting the chance to meet the guys at Burly was an incredible experience.  Chad McClure directed this project and his style of directing is great.  He trusts his guys to the point that once the shot is designed and discussed he steps out of the way and says do your thing.  I LOVE THAT!  We shot the project on three RED cameras.  Two SCARLETS and one EPIC capturing the high frame rate footage.  I am very grateful for the experience with Burly.  Check out their work at  It is next level work for sure.  The quality of the assets captured during the shoot and their level of post production is going to create some spots that will do justice to a great program.

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