Main Street is Made of Bricks……The beginning of a personal project


For the last couple years I’ve have wanted to do a series of portraits concentrating on the professions and people that make up small town America.  Recently I was asked to do a photography showing at a fall festival in my home town so I thought what a perfect venue to show this project at.  As usual my plan is to go in way over my head and attempt to do things that I am not very trained on.  For this project I am going for the hyper realistic composite feel for this series.  Shooting subject and background independently and compositing them together with extra elements.  Really they will be digital painting more than a photograph.  Each portrait should contain in itself a story and I am very excited to work on this in my free time.  The Butcher was my first subject and my next will be Shane Cordell who is a very well known figure in Kansas High School athletics.  The Butcher will be the only image shared publicly until after the showing and then they will all most likely end up here.  I am excited to push my photography and photoshop skills till I see the images at the level they should be.  Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!




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