A day in a lightbox……..Clay Hughes Music Video Day 1

Tuesday we hammered out a 14 hour day on the set of a music video we are doing for Clay Hughes.  With a little scouting we hunted down the perfect building for this video.  We wanted an industrial themed loft apartment and we found exactly that.  Except it was an old meat packing plant instead of apartments 🙂  The room we decided on can only be described as a light box.  12 foot windows almost floor to ceiling and white walls across the room to bounce everything back.  We filled with one kinoflo and bounce cards and to say I’m happy with the lighting is a huge understatement.  The footage coming out of the EPIC is well…..EPIC.  Razor sharp and beautiful.  I am incredibly happy with the way the EPIC handles overexposure.  Digital sensors have always been plagued by nasty clipping in the highlights and for a long time this was a huge argument for film over digital.  The EPIC rolls of into clipping beautifully!  This was especially a big deal on this shoot as I made the decision to shoot some scenes a little hot especially when the windows were backlighting our subject.  The decision to intentionally expose two stops over was easier because of the EPICs capabilities with highlights.    I have to thank Blake and Courtney as well as my crew for all the hard work.  This was a long day and I am truly grateful for all the people that help me meet my vision.  I hope everyone is having a great spring!

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