700HP vs. Bodie……. Aviation Film has begun!

This morning was one I will never forget.  We began day 1 of production for a project we are collaborating with K-State on.  The film revolves around a child’s fascination with aviation right up to the point where he is exactly what he has always wanted to be.  A PILOT.  Well to me when it comes to exciting aviation and Kansas I see no better fit than a crop duster.  So last week we hit the phone book and landed the perfect pilot.  Clay Haring of Post Rock Aviation invited us up to Lincoln this morning and things could not have gone any better.  With on and off communication between the ground and the plane “via cell phone” I was concerned with us being able to execute our shots in sync with Clays position.  My worrying was for not I found out because the shots were executed without difficulty.  One or two took a couple passes and at $5/minute for airplane fuel that isn’t cheap but Clay hooked us up!  The guy is incredible!  Just for all you doubters out there not a single bit of compositing was done in these photos.  The guy can fly!  Once again this morning I felt grateful to be doing something I love and getting to meet new people like Clay almost weekly anymore.  The world is big and there is too much living to fit in one life!

As always I have to review a couple technical details for the nerds like me out there.  All of the aerial stills here are straight from EPIC footage.  The challenges I found this morning were critical focus on something going 150 mph and motion blur for the stills workflow.  The motion blur is an easy fix “faster shutter speed” but ultimately this is not a stills project.  It is a motion project so having accurate motion blur is more important.  Always follow the 180 degree rule!  And when I say always I mean when you decide it is the right choice 🙂  One interesting photo when it comes to motion blur is the one with the bike and plain.  The childs motion blur is much more pronounced than the planes.  Funny because I doubt the child is going faster than 150 mph.  That still was during a whip pan and I must have lucked out and been panning in perfect sync with the planes forward movement.  Makes for an interesting photo for sure!



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