The beginning of a Journal

I decided to start this series because of one solid and absolute fact. We all will get old. We all will forget things, and we all will wish we could see the past with more clarity. With a lifetime of memories competing for space in our heads it is only natural that many of the best will fade. In comes photography. A tool with a perfect memory. One that if we decide can document our existence just as it was. Someday when our legs have failed us and our minds are full of haze we will still be able to look back at our families faces and relive that moment. For this reason I will never be able to correctly describe the power of these images. It may be because I don’t fully understand how profound they will be to me someday. I invite all my friends to also start a visual library of the things they love in this world. I will gladly post anything someone wants to share to my site and hopefully between everyone we can put together one incredible ever growing library. Aside from the value these projects will have to us they are also another opportunity for us to push ourselves to get better at what we do.



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