TMO Show Opener

We are happy to release our first project in collaboration with Scott and Angie Denny of Table Mountain Outfitters.  In late January Scott, Nick, Dwayne and I spent three days in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The Dennys welcomed us into their home and pretty much said “do your thing” .  Any photographer loves to hear those words!  With access to some incredible land west of Wyoming we were like kids in a candy store.  We are grateful to now say that we know Scott and Angie.

On the technical side of things this was all filmed on Canon DSLR’s with lots of motion control equipment.  Timelapse dollies, jibs, and steadycams all make a behind the scenes appearance in this one.  For the typography our goal was to integrate 3D type into the scene and light it to match.  To accomplish this we motion tracked the scenes in After Effects and then exported the 3D camera generated in AE to Cinema 4D where the type was created and lit to match.  For reflections and color reference we shot an HDRI sphere on location in Wyoming and brought the images home with us.  Then some quick HDR processing and unwrapping the sphere and we had the information we needed.  The hardest part of the typography was lighting the text to match especially the Mathews title with the drastic change in scene lighting.   As far as video goes shooting in the high contrast woods we used the Technicolor cinestyle picture profile to hold the sky details.  It did pretty decent job stretching the 8 bit H264 codec of the canon.


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