Turn them down and put them close…….

This last weekend had the awesome pleasure of being both a best man and wedding photographer.  Busy day!  The ultimate goal for the day was to create at least one portrait that I felt was at a higher level than anything I have done up to this point.  An image that would stop anyone who saw it.  Luckily I started with a very pretty face to begin with which always helps.  Please no one tell Bre I said that:)  Anyways I managed to create two images that met my expectations.  They were acomplished by employing the idea that the closer a light is to a subject the softer the shadows will be.  To prove this simply move your hand closer to the ceiling fan and watch your shadow on the table.  I had Bre stand within inches of a 36 inch octobox and simply bounced light from the other side with a simple white reflector. Then I turned the strobe down as far as it would go.  Then since I wanted to shoot at F1.8 for that flattering DOF I love so much I had to add a variND filter.  The result was very soft light that looks great on any face.  These photos were minimally retouched and stand beautiful on their own.  So ultimately I gained two things on Saturday.  A new sister in law and a new technique to put in my bag for future shoots.  I want to make a smart comment about the better of the two but I fear Bre might read this 🙂  I hope everyone is having a great end to their winter.  Very soon we can photograph GREEN again!

Matt W.



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