Cinema 4D R13’s Physical Render Engine……AWESOME!…… but at a price

Recently while working on a project for Table Mountain Outfitters I had the chance to try out the new Render Engine in C4D R13.  They call it the “Physical Renderer”  They call it that because that was the exact goal of it.  To simulate the way an actual physical camera sees the world.  Two aspects that a phsyical camera does are motion blur and depth of field.  Well Maxon incorporated both of those things in their new render engine.  They did it well too!  Down to being able to set your own aperture and shutter angle.  What this does is provide very realistic aesthetics especially when it comes to moving your camera when the motion blur is applied.  I have to say that the renders are amazing!  They do come at a high price though.  My first shot at using the physical renderer on a 216 frame animation was for sure a wake up call for me.  Those 216 frames with motion blur and a high level of DOF applied to the renderer took my 8core MacPro 36 hours to render!  Yeah I did not type that wrong 🙂  I truly never thought I would have any use for building a render farm but after that it sure seems like a good idea!  Who knows maybe someday I can send off a render to the other room and keep working.  So all in all, BEAUTIFUL IMAGE with LOOOOOONG render times.  Hopefully we will be releasing this project in the next two weeks!  Can’t wait for everyone to see it!

The still below is a screen grab the displays the motion blur in action.

Matt w.


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