A gift for Kimbers imagination……Star Harvesters Composite

The farther down the photoshop rabbit hole I go the more excited I get about composite imagery.  If you can think it you can do it essentially.  My second go at a concept photo comes from Kimber.  One night while lying on the trampoline she said “Dad, I just wanna reach up and grab those starts.”  I agreed with her 🙂  I thought what a perfect gift this image will be for Kimber.  Anything I can do to spur my childrens imaginations I’m all for.  A childs imagination is constantly at war with reality.  Everyday longer they live a piece of it will succumb to life and then they will be left just like us adults.  Stuck in reality!  That is the biggest draw to me about concept photography.  We take pictures of very much real objects and then combine them to suit our vision.  Limits do not exist if you push yourself.  I admit my imagination probably is a great deal more active than a 28 year olds should be and it awards me a great deal with odd looks from other adults.  I say keep your reality and I will substitute mine 🙂  I hope everyone is having a great year!



2 responses

  1. That is absolutely awesome, Matt! You’re an inspiration!

    January 16, 2012 at 7:43 pm

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