A world in perfect clarity


Why children would make the best photographers


Having a one year old running around the house is an interesting time in life.  Everyday is full of picking up the house a hundred times and the sound of silence has seemingly left our home for good.  While it can be hectic I do have to thank Jake for reminding me of one very important thing in life.

Jake has giant brown eyes.  Eyes that are dark and hard to photograph.  Eyes that can fill with tears in a second and just as fast beam with laughter.  The physical characteristics though are not nearly as amazing  to me as what they represent.  They represent a perfect vision of the world.  A vision unclouded by lifes experiences.  A vision that doesn’t care about opinions or biases.  When a child looks at the world they actually SEE the world.  Furiously searching every scene everyday to make sense of what is in front of them.  Every scene something fresh and so important that Jake constantly points out the things that are so common to me I don’t truly SEE them.  Something as simple as a fire that we are both looking at.  In repetition that only a one year old can achieve he stands and points looking at me all the while saying, “see, fire, see, hot”.  My response is always,”Yeah I see it buddy” but maybe he knows that I probably truly don’t see it the way he does.  He sees it perfectly with brand new eyes and a brain unclouded by life.

Adults live life by looking not seeing.  It is not our fault as it is natural to eventually ignore the regular.  Otherwise there would be no way we could function.  If every scene everyday truly grabbed our attention it would take hours to make it to work.  Our brains filter the noise for the sake of our own sanity.  I think the key is remembering to stop occasionally and truly see something at least once a day.  We think we have to travel to some exotic place we see in magazines to view something beautiful.  I truly think that if we slow down and remember how to SEE the world again we might find simple beauty everywhere around us.   So I guess I can thank Jake for the stains on the carpet, holes in the walls, broken trim in my office, and also for being a constant reminder that the best way to use my eyes is to remember what the world looked like when I too was a child.


Matt W.


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