Scott and I had the pleasure of meeting a couple different people this last week.  Jason Smith being the first.  I do not possess the writing chops to truly give Jason Smiths generosity an acceptable description.  Jason is kind beyond belief and willing to put up some Kansas boys he doesn’t even know on a premiere property in Western Iowa that is home to some true Giant Whitetails.  Most hunters would guard this property with their life and never let anyone know what lives there.  Jason is the exact opposite and it seems that putting others on big deer is even more exciting to him than harvesting them himself.   Jasons love for the land runs deep as you can see at http://www.dreamdirt.tv.  After meeting his dad Elmer it was obvious the passion resides in the whole family. Dreamdirt is a real estate  agency that specializes in helping people realize their dream of owning land.  The dream is the clients be it hunting, agriculture or just conservation.  Jason is the guy who connects the ends between a dream and reality.    We can’t thank Jason enough for hosting us and putting us on a great property!  It’s so great we are going back in January to try and seal the deal on a buck that now consumes my waking thoughts 🙂

The second person we met isn’t really a person but seemed more than just a place.  The Loess Hill of Western Iowa rank very high in my favorite places I’ve ever been.  Amazing timber covered hills that snake across the landscape and corn fields as far as you can see.  The land seemed incredibly manicured and seemed to take care of itself.  I swear weeds don’t even grow there 🙂  Driving across the landscape I caught myself constantly taken back by the beauty.  Deer Mecca is the only way to describe it.  I can’t wait to go back in January!  Maybe a big snow will meet us there.  I hope everyone is having a great Fall!  Here are a few images we took during the week.

Matt W.

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  1. It was greating having you guys here! Looking forward to January. I just wrote a post about your time here http://www.dreamdirt.tv/2011/11/14/heartland-bowhunters-join-me-for-a-hunt-on-the-dreamdirt-farm/

    November 14, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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