Finding my happy place

It seems being creative is a moving target.  Sometimes inspiration comes from things unexpected and sometimes it’s found exactly where you expect it to be.  I have quickly learned that being creative is one of those things that cannot be forced.  Not in my mind anyways.  I have found though that my creative mind continuously reacts to one specific outside influence or lack of I guess.  SILENCE.  Perfect quite seems to be a wonderful catalyst to find the ideas that seem to elude me when working on projects.  Enter the problem.  Well problem isn’t a correct word because a problem is something that can be fixed and I LOVE my “problem”.  One of the problems has blond hair and blue eyes and the other wildman who can produce  incredible volume from tiny lungs.  My children while holding their title of “most beautiful things in my life” seem to see SILENCE as an enemy that at all costs should be rooted from our household.  So here was my “problem”  Stay at home to maximize my time, both with family and working, and create an atmosphere that promotes creativity.  The solution was somehow convince my wife to give up our master bedroom and let me rebuild it into my perfect editing suite.  Sounds impossible but I seem to have married a perfect woman who said fine! 🙂  With a 16×16 foot slate to make my own in came Scott.  Scott took over with his cabinetry skills and built me a workstation that can only be described as perfect.  A two inch thick solid wood countertop milled from trees we felled ourselves is the centerpiece surrounded by custom cabinetry all built by Scott.  I can’t thank him enough because paying someone to do that level of work for sure would have made this project a little harder to sell to the woman that just gave up her master bedroom.  After a few days in my new studio with a DOOR that blocks at least half the decibels coming from the monsters I have found a new level of productivity that I knew I would.  I encourage everyone that is trying to create anything and I mean anything to spend a little extra time and pay attention to the things that you respond to positively and then surround yourself with it.

Matt W.



Below are some more images of Scotts work.  There is no doubt that Scotts creative mind thrives with woodworking.


One response

  1. Phil Zimmer

    Nice Matt!

    Scott is truly an artist with wood!

    October 14, 2011 at 2:44 am

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