Train a little and hurt a lot!

Last weekend was another installment of the self mutilation series for the White Brothers.  Well this White brother anyways.  Sunday was the first annual Bob Ardrey Marathon in Salina.  Once again we didn’t commit to running it until six weeks before.  No big deal right?  Well I should have known better because I did the exact same thing last October in Wichita.  Evidently I forgot how much that hurt because doing another one with just as little training seemed appropriate.  We had a group of seven total with five us us running the full and Tracy and Bre running the half.  I gotta say I’m incredibly proud of Tracy and Bre for dominating the half!  Scott and Dwayne also put up awesome times with sub 4 hour times and I would like to take this moment to remind Dwayne that it was only a month ago when he declared “I will never go anywhere with the White Brothers again!”  HAHA Liar!  See you for our next stupid idea Dwayno 🙂  I have to encourage everyone to get out there and push themselves physically.  No better way to find out who you really are!  I once read a quote and for the life of me I can’t remember who said it but it goes “At some point in time we confused comfort for happiness”  Nothing says it better.  There is something profound in doing things we don’t think we can and inflicting stress and pain even when we don’t want to.

Dwayne turning around to go drag up Scott who is laying 100ft from the finish with a massive hamstring cramp.

Dwayne dragging me along just before the finish. Thank You Dwayne!

The only thing to do after a marathon!


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