A new meaning to “Location Scouting”

Well we are finally home!  Five days of what seemed like nothing but driving and the assets are gathered to create an awesome spot for Starcraft RV.  We started right here in central Kansas and by the time we found something that met my expectations we had traveled all the way into Utah and found our spot at CanyonLands National Park.  It was an awesome trip in that most of us had never been that far west into Colorado and Utah is just awesome to say the least.   The biggest challenge we ran into was finding exactly what we were looking for on each shot.  If the foreground was great the background was bad or vice versa.  We found out just how hard it is to find the perfect spots.  All in all our luck was great though.  We didn’t get pulled over once or even one single flat tire.  Hope everyone enjoys some of the pics!  Now it’s time to get to work on the spot!


Matt White

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