For two days a year the gears spin.  Motivated by wide leather belts ranging from 2 feet to 50 feet in length.  A system of gears, pulleys, cogs, and belts that commit to each other to do a job that we now take for granted.  If one belt breaks, or one bearing freezes a process with dozens of steps ceases.  The whole building from top to bottom is a marvel of teamwork.  I guess as intricate as the entire Mill is the most amazing thing about the whole thing is it once existed inside someones brain and made it to reality.  Grain has been milled for thousands of years.  In fact it is considered one of the oldest industries for mankind.  A task that began most likely with two rocks and manpower transitioned to water powered mills and now electricity.  The end goal has never changed though.  To provide food to give us the energy we need to survive and thankfully because of much smarter men than me I don’t have to use my energy to smash rocks together to make bread.  I get to use my energy taking pictures of the marvels of greater men than me .  At least I’m willing to admit it 🙂  Life is too easy!  Lets at least challenge ourselves to give back to the men and women that didn’t have the free time and energy to chase dreams.  They were busy building Mills.

Paul Oberg is an amazing musical talent.  He was nice enough to even let me record a song of his while he was playing.  Anybody who can surround themselves with instruments and kill them all is amazing to me!

Happy Mothers Day to my wife and all mothers!

Matt White


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