OH how they shine!

Having children just any other father has changed my life in many ways.  Mostly good too!:)  Lately it has been a constant reminder from Kimber about all the amazing stuff that we as adults tend to become jaded to and forget about.   The things that we see everyday over and over become mundane and regular and we forget about the significance to everything.  The best part is she is just being a 3 year old.  She in no way has an agenda to make my life fuller.  She is just being exactly what a 3 year old is supposed to be.  Right now she has an amazing fascination with the stars.  So much she digs laying in the front yard in freezing temperatures in a sleeping bag so we can look at them and pick our favorite ones.  Naturally the photographer in me doesn’t really let anything that Kimber and I do go undocumented through imagery.  Come to find out Kimber is right about those amazing shiny things because by the end of the night we had grown men running around waving flashlights in the air 🙂  A return to childhood is nice every once in awhile.


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