A new year and a NEW STUDIO!

To think that the idea of starting my own media company flashed through my mind only a year ago is hard to believe.  2010 was a year of investing.  Investing time studying, thinking, doing, rethinking and doing again.  Investing money in equipment, and investing lost hours of sleep in hopes of pushing ourselves to a new level of understanding.  The year was completely full of late nights and early mornings spent soaking in everything that is modern media.  Our cameras took over 17,000 images and shot hours and hours of footage.  More mistakes were made then successes and I think that is what has brought us to where we are right now.  We learn faster when the lesson hurts a little 🙂  We feel truly blessed for the oppurtunities we were given in 2010 and we go into 2011 with the confidence to push harder and bring something different to the table.  It feels great to have 2011 jam packed with new and challenging projects.  We are diving headfirst into documentary filmmaking.  The list of project locations is far and wide this year including local projects in Lindsborg, Lawrence, and Kansas City to Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado!  A new year, A new studio, and a whole new set of clients.  2011 is here!


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